Brant + Kara Bauman


Brant and Kara have been with the International Mission Board for almost 7 years serving in Italy and the UK. After an 18 month stint in America due to COVID, the Baumans were finally able to move to Redhill, UK and assume their roles at IMB’s Global Training Center (GTC). Brant, as the European Digital Engagement Strategist, has the privilege of helping and training IMB teams across Europe in leveraging digital tools and social media to spread the Gospel. Since arriving to Redhill, Kara has taken on the responsibility of being the Child Care and Volunteer Coordinator for the GTC. While it has been a year of change for the Baumans, they are excited by how God continues to open new doors for them to be a part of how He is working to advance the Gospel all across Europe. While a piece of their hearts will always remain in the small northern Italian town of Trento – the entire family, especially Elizabeth (4) and Nelson (1) have adjusted great to their new life and ministry in Redhill.

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