<h3>Is this it?</h3>

Is this it?

The Middle + High School years aren’t always easy. Your social media feeds are filled with moments that look amazing, but whether you’re at every hangout or never invited, you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Student Weekend is the place you can finally ask those questions. 

We believe there IS more. And it starts with Jesus. Sure, you can brush this off as just another church event, or you could see this as your opportunity to learn more, ask more, and maybe even find the “more” you have been looking for.

<h3>There is MORE</h3>

There is MORE

Join us for a weekend conference focused on you; the Student who believes there is more to life than the next Tik Tok trend, but haven’t figured out what that is, or who to ask. Each night we’ll have food, up-beat worship, a message, small groups and a late night hangout.

Student Weekend is for all 6-12th grade students in the SWFL area to find community, find hope, and find the “more” that’s often missing from daily routines, busy schedules, and navigating school and friends.


Don't miss it! January 13-15

Registration will open on Launch Night (Nov. 9th).
Launch Night ONLY - $29
Nov. 10th - Dec. 31st - $39
Jan. 1st - Jan. 13th - $49

Special Guests

Sean Emory
Sean Emory

Sean is a perception artist who started practicing magic tricks in high school. Sean realized he could combine illusion with the one reality he was even more passionate about – sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone he could. Though trained and skilled in the art of illusion, his heart is all about the Truth.

Chad Glover
Chad Glover

Chad is the Teaching Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Missouri. He has done lots of things with us (camp, chopping wood, and beating you all at basketball), he’s a cool guy, and if you see him between sessions, give him a high five and ask him about leather-working!

Student Weekend Schedule

Friday – Jan. 13

6:00 Check-In + Dinner at the Commons | Chick Fil A
6:45 Doors Open
7:00 Session 1 | Sean Emory + Chad Glover
8:30 Small Groups/Snack
9:15 Late Night
10:15 Pick-up at the Commons

Saturday AM – Jan. 14

9:00 Check-In + Breakfast at the Commons | Donut/Coffee Bar
9:30 Morning Rally | Pastor Alan
10:00 Local Serve Projects
12:30 Pick-up

Saturday PM

6:00 Check-In + Dinner at the Commons | Pizza
6:45 Doors Open
7:00 Session 2 | Sean Emory + Chad Glover
8:30 Small Groups/Snack
9:15 Doors Open
9:25 Session 3 | Sean Emory
10:30 Pick-up

Sunday – Jan. 15

10:15 Check-In + Breakfast at the Student Center | Donut/Coffee Bar
10:30 Small Groups

  • How to study the Bible
  • First Steps
  • Living on Mission

11:10 Head to worship
11:30 Worship
12:45 Pick-up

Merch Drop

Keep your eyes peeled.... we've got the biggest student merch drop in HISTORY coming. Pre-order only, starting Nov 9th!

More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!


What does the cost cover?

The cost covers participation in all the main sessions and small groups, food, a t-shirt, and all late night activities.

Are there any meals included?

Dinner on Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday are included. Lunch on Saturday is not included.

What should I bring?

A Bible and a pen is all you’ll need! We’d also suggest bringing a small bag (like a drawstring or something similar) since you will be moving from meals to main sessions to small groups, to late nights.

What happened to DNOW weekend?

Student Weekend is the new DNOW Weekend! We have a unique opportunity to use this event to engage a wider group of students in our local area. Students who may not be able to join us at Camp for a week over the summer, may be able to participate in a weekend conference RIGHT HERE in our community. The changes we’re making from the usual DiscipleNOW format make it easier for new students to participate and for you to invite people!

Are there Host Homes?

In order to make student weekend more available to students who do not regularly attend First Naples, we do not have Host Homes this year. It will be a conference style event where you arrive in the morning and go home in the evening.

If you and your friends would still like to get together over the weekend and some of your parents are willing to host, we want to help you be intentional with that time – so we do have an Overnight Guide for you that you can find below!

Can I come for part of the weekend and not all of it?

We would encourage you to be a part of as much of the weekend as possible, but yes, if you have a work or extracurricular commitment that will prevent you from participating in part of the weekend, we would rather have you join in some of it rather than none of it!

Overnight Guide

In past years, this weekend has been discipleship focused with host homes and small group times. We’re switching up the format to a conference style event to make it easier for visitors and friends that haven’t yet heard the gospel to participate, BUT if you and your family want to open your house to the friends you invite, we’re all about it! We have a guide with discussion and study content to help you be intentional with that time. Click below to download it!

Questions about faith?

Student Weekend is a great opportunity for you to come and meet students like yourself that are struggling through the daily grind knowing there has to be more. But you don't have to wait till Student Weekend to starting asking the tough questions! Send us a message, we'd love to connect with you and talk about what faith looks like and who Jesus is.

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Student Ministry Team

Kristopher Woods

Student Pastor

Joshua Roettele

Middle School Pastor