I Want to Be with Him – Jose, Farhid, + Juliana

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JOSE: In Bolivia, we had the habit of always being in prayer, especially when Juliana was about to be born. A problem had been diagnosed in her. We prayed a lot. Later, when she was born, everything was fine, thank God!

Here, we knew that she was going to encounter a lot of difficulty along the way. She is in a strange country and she had a little difficulty with English. But we unite.

We join together in prayer and spiritual growth. And here in the church, it was the definitive step where she really found Jesus, who we very much wanted her to find. 

JULIANA: I was nine years old last year, and one day my mom said that we’re going to this church. She said they have a kids ministry and I was very excited.

When I came to my group, I didn’t know any English, but, my teacher, she speaks in Spanish. She always talked to me in Spanish for the lessons and even the memory verse. She helped me a lot.

One night I was here in Awana and I was sitting there when Miss Jess was saying that we can pray so that God can be our Lord and Savior. I only understood the words “pray” and “God.” I thought,

“oh, maybe I can pray right now because I really want to be with him in heaven.”

So I prayed.

Then we sang the song “Waymaker” and I was really excited because I have God in my heart. There’s more like peace in our lives now. I’m really thankful – thankful for our family and God. Because he’s amazing and he’s perfect.

I asked Miss Jess if I can be the tech person in Kids Worship. I really like it because when I put on the songs, I always see the kids’ happy faces. Like there’s a song that the kids really like, and I really like how they dance and everything. It makes me laugh.

I like to go on the stage and dance because I can show people that it doesn’t matter who is next to you.

You can dance like you don’t care. You have to praise God. There is nothing that can stop you from praising God.

I really like when kids dance because they’re worshiping God.

FARHID: I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jess, who has been a great blessing. The first moment I saw her, I saw peace in her. That she knows that every time I see her, I hug her, because that is what she radiates to me. I know that my daughter is taught by a person who loves God, that her focus is on God. The ministry for me is a great support, it is a great blessing and I know it is for many other families as well.

The spiritual growth of children is very important. Instilling the Lord in them from a young age is essential. And as the Word of the Lord says, we have to instruct them as small children so when they are older they will not depart. I know that our children can make very different decisions as they grow up, but what we have planted in them, supported by the Kid’s ministry, by the pastors, will never leave their hearts.

So it is very important that parents give that extra mile, that extra time in this main stage that they are growing because it is very fundamental.

Let us never give up on our children.