First Baptist Academy

First Baptist Academy exists to prepare the next generation to boldly stand for Christ. Our mission is to partner with parents to develop students with Christian character and a biblical worldview, equipping them for life, learning, and leadership.

At First Baptist Academy, the legacy we’re known for is providing an education that challenges each student to reach their fullest potential. At every grade level, we foster a love for learning and develop leaders with a strong moral character and a commitment to Christian values.

Year over year, First Baptist Academy is recognized as one of the most highly esteemed college prep schools in Naples. Though we value our outstanding academic reputation, we know that parents like you choose FBA for reasons much deeper than that. It’s our uniquely personal approach and spiritual foundation that sets First Baptist Academy apart. Our students know they are valued, and they excel in the classroom, on the field, and in all aspects of their education.

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If you'd like to visit our campus for a tour of FBA or would like more information, feel free to contact our Admissions Office.

Dr. Ryan Dupeé

FBA Head of School