God’s Design for Gender | Gen. 1:26-28; 3:16-21
Dr. Alan Brumback   -  

Who am I? The answer to that question has changed dramatically in our society in recent years. Expressions like: “Live Your Truth,” “You do You,” “Never apologize to anyone about who you are,” are rally cries raging against God. For us, how do we answer the question: Who am I? How do we deal with those who struggle with the answer to the question,”Who am I?” We must answer them with compassion and with conviction. We must love those who are held captive by the deception of our day.

Genesis 1-3 teaches us God’s perfect design for the universe and humanity, yet also shows us that because of sin our world is broken. Everything is broken, yet not without hope. God’s compassion is greater than sin’s corruption and our confusion over gender and sexuality.