Jesus is Better than Religion | Mark 2:23-3:6
Dr. Alan Brumback   -  

Have you ever heard of the “nones”? Those who have no religious affiliation at all. Around 30% of Americans say they have no religious affiliation at all. There are various reasons for the rise of the nones in America: secularism, expressive individualism and scientism in American society, the polarization of politics, parents who are not discipling their children and the revelation of racism and sexual abuse within the church. One of the main reasons people do not want to have religious affiliation and are “deconstructing” the faith is because they don’t want to be religious, because religion is hypocritical and abusive.

The heart of religion is attempting to be right in the eyes of God and/or others on the basis of what you do. Jesus did not come to start another religion, but He came to end all religion, so that we can rest from religion forever. Mark continues to show us the conflict between Jesus and the religious establishment. These two stories are the fourth and fifth story of the religious leaders challenging Jesus’ authority. They have challenged his authority to forgive sin, who he eats with, how much he fasts and now they challenge him over how he keeps the Sabbath. In these challenges, Jesus exposes the cruelty of religion so what we can see the beauty of His gospel. Jesus is better than religion.