Jesus is More than Enough | Mark 6:30-43
Dr. Alan Brumback   -  

Have you ever gone out to eat and come home and were still hungry? Many years ago, when I still lived at home, my family went to a place called the Melting Pot. (A fondue place) My mom wanted to go there. This was back when it was “hip” to do fondue. I remember going there and ordering food that you cooked yourself. It was so expensive, even back then, for what you got. It was $100 for 3 pieces of chicken, a piece of tofu and a strawberry. I think that the more expensive the meal, the less food you get. So, when we got home, my dad and I were still hungry, so we made a ham sandwich. My dad said, “we spent all that money and I’m still hungry.” It just wasn’t enough food. There is nothing more disheartening than spending a lot of money on a meal that really wasn’t satisfying. I find a lot of things in life are not as satisfying as we think they will be. It seems like no matter how great, cool, popular; it never seems to be enough.

We are looking at one of the most famous Jesus stories in the Bible, the miracle of the fish and loaves. If you grew up in Sunday School, you remember the flannel graphs. It is the only miracle outside of the resurrection mentioned in all four gospels, which means this was not only an unforgettable moment for the disciples but there must be an important truth about Jesus that God wants to teach us. For Jesus, there is no problem too big, no gift too small, and no hunger too deep that He can not satisfy because He is more than enough for what we need.