The Neighbors To The Nations Conference is a week long gathering of our mission partners and church body. This is our chance to hear stories of life change, to be equipped for the work of the Kingdom, and to learn how we can support and pray specifically for our missionaries and their work around the world in the name of Jesus.

 Send Me Student Night

"Send Me" Student Night

Join us for this special missions night and learn more about missions around the world! You’ll hear first hand experiences of what it is like to be a missionary, a refugee, and a world Christian, and how you can get involved, even in middle and high school.

This event is open to all Middle School, High School, + College students in SWFL, no registration required!

 Coffee + Conversations

Coffee + Conversations

You’ll have a chance to hear from missions partners at multiple points over the conference, but we don’t want you to have to pick and choose! All of our missions partners will gather together in the Student Center at 11:30am on Sunday! We are so excited to share some coffee and fellowship together as our partners share God-stories from their past year in ministry. No sign up necessary, join us on Sunday at 11:30!

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Join us for a special worship service at 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30am highlighting missions around the world with guest speaker Brent Crowe!

Conference Schedule


6:30-8:00pmMissions Partners in Wednesday Night Programming

6:30-8:00pm | “Send Me” Student Event (in the Chapel)


8:00-3:00pmPartners share in FBA Classes + Chapels


10:00 | Missions Partners in Groups

11:30am | Coffee + Conversations

If you can’t attend a Group with a Missions Partner you’d like to meet, you can find them in the Commons between services, or attend Coffee and Conversations at 11:30am in the Student Center!

Groups Takeover

Hear from our missions partners during groups on Wednesday night and Sunday morning. Take a look at the schedule below to see where partners will be and catch them in between weekend services at tables in the Commons! All our partners will participate in Coffee + Conversations at 11:30am on Sunday.

Wednesday 6:30pm

Wednesday 6:30pm

  • Women’s Ministry – Eden House, The Church at Channelside, Aspire Church, Cape Coral Campus
  • Men’s Ministry – Hearts with Hands, Leadership Outreach, Mission Door, IMB Spain, Radiant Church, Aspire Church
  • Christianity 101 – World Refugee Care
  • Student Ministry – Send Me Student Event – Dr. Brent Crowe, The Church at Channelside, NAMB Puerto Rico
  • Kids’ Ministry – IMB Europe
  • Español Group – Send Relief Puerto Rico
Sunday 10:00am

Sunday 10:00am

  • Group assignments to come!

Missions Partners

Meet the partners that will be with us for the conference. Click on their photos to learn more about their ministry and get connected with them during the conference and beyond!

Paul Ameen

Mission Door

Brant + Kara Bauman


Jalil Dawood

World Refugee Care

Fernando Facioli

Leadership Outreach Network

Peter Hone

Man in the Mirror

Brian Hook

Aspire Church

Jason Lankford

Radiant Church

Greg Lentz

Hearts with Hands

Javier Vargas + Yolanda Perez

Send Relief Puerto Rico

Fernando Santos + Family

North American Mission Board - Puerto Rico

Antonio Cruz

International Mission Board

John + Shae Antonucci

The Church at Channelside

Kevin Fletcher + Steve Hill

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Charlie Weatherbie

Fellowship of Christian Atheletes

Daniel Hardy

Helps Outreach

Carey O'Hara

Into the Jordan Ministires

Frank Morrison

TAP International

Chip Shotwell

One More Child

Laura Ross + Nicole Shanks

Pregnancy Resource Center

Robin Antone

Protected Harbor

Loretta Mottram

Protected Harbor

Brooks Driver + Josiah Ravish

Ride Nature

Hillary Lemaster

St. Matthew's House

Crystal Thomsen

St. Matthew's House

Chris Anthony

Eden House

Get connected!

We would love to help you get involved in serving and missions year round! Our Missions Team is here to answer any questions you have about how you can pray, give, and go!

Kevin Taylor

Missions Pastor

Edisson Cantor

Love Naples Director

Tina Platter

Missions + Media Ministry Assistant